Monday, 6 February 2017

Nnedi Okorafor - Binti (2015)

Bringing us up to date, my review of 'Binti' by Nnedi Okorafor is up now on Fantasy Faction. The most decorated of the Tor novellas, 'Binti' is a space opera coming of age tale about the importance of empathy and communication between peoples. Read more at the link.

Nisi Shawl - Everfair (2016)

The start of this year has been slow for me, but in February I have reviewed 'Everfair', Nisi Shawl's steampunk alternate history in which the British socialist Fabian society and African American missionaries set up a Utopian society in the Belgian Congo for the victims of King Leopold II’s atrocities and escapees from the slave trade. It is a novel full of hope that nevertheless explores its characters' relationships with unflinching honesty. Read more through at the link.

Cassandra Khaw - Hammers On Bone (2016)

In December I reviewed Cassandra Khaw's 'Hammers On Bone'. This excellent addition to the Tor novella series explores the common ground between noir detective fiction and Lovecraftian horror, whilst dissecting the very real horrors of domestic abuse. It's an incredibly imaginative piece of Weird fiction in its own right, wonderfully written and full of unsettling touches. Read more through at the link.

Ken Liu - The Wall Of Storms (2016)

Next up was Ken Liu's 'The Wall Of Storms', book two in the wonderful Dandelion Dynasty series. 'The Wall Of Storms' is a worthy follow up to 'The Grace Of Kings
', which expands on the themes of the former even as it adds new characters and a greater threat. Read more through at the link.

Guy Haley - The Emperor's Railroad (2016)

Once again I have been remiss in updating the blog, I can only plead the rest of life getting in the way and apologise. So here are some posts that I have missed. First up in the Tor novella series was Guy Haley's 'The Emperor's Rairoad', an inventive mix of Dying Earth Fantasy, zombie post-apocalypse fiction and Western. Read more through at the link.